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I have been interested in having a QHHT session for a couple of years now. Wow...I am so glad I booked a session with Gretchen. I was a bit of a challenging client, as I am very left brained, but she was patient and persistent and I had an amazing session. I gained a lot of clarity about my life and my ongoing spiritual awakening and was also able to heal my arthritic joints and lower back pain. Yay!!

Heather R. 5/27/19

I had a session with Gretchen before a major knee surgery that my MD told me would have a very painful recovery. We worked on my anxiety about the surgery and pain management. She also made me two recordings. One to listen to before the surgery and one after. I wasn't even nervous anymore after our appointment. Surgery went great and I only took two pain pills after the surgery. 

Clarence P. 12/7/16

I have been a client for over three years. Gretchen has guided me to heal numerous health issues and also advance on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend her. She is a Talented Hypnotherapist and encompasses several other healing modalities that I have benefited from tremendously. I also love that she continues to attend conferences and add new tools to her repertoire.
Katherine Z. 8/7/17


My Session with Gretchen was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, shows compassion and is a great listener. I have read all of Delores Cannon's books but was nervous about having my own QHHT session. Within minutes of meeting Gretchen I felt at ease and was able to relax enough to have a "Life Changing" Session. If you've been wanting to have a QHHT session don't hesitate to book one with Gretchen. 

John F. 10/14/19

I went to see Gretchen for help with my anxiety and depression. I left the first session feeling more relaxed than I had in years. She also makes a great recording after every session and emails it to you. I have come to consider all my recordings as priceless. I listen to one everyday. Gretchen has guided me and given me tools to live a more joyful and anxiety free life. Hypnosis and Gretchen are a winning combination!

Sarah S .4/12/17

I was referred to Gretchen to do hypnotherapy to help relieve my chronic shoulder pain. My 20 year pain was significantly reduced after three sessions and listening to the recordings she made for me. But, during my fourth session, when she took me to the "Origin" of my pain, it was permanently eliminated. I went to a Past Life where I had been stabbed in the painful shoulder. As I didn't believe in Past Lives, I was very surprised that just by seeing this scene, my pain had disappeared. This was in 2014 and my pain has never come back.

Jorge M. 10/17/19


Gretchen is an amazing healer! In my two sessions with her so far, I've experienced dramatic physical and emotional healing, with vast improvement in my spleen and lung health, and relief to nagging joints. Gretchen is super efficient as well, deftly asking all of the questions I'm interested in. Not to mention how interesting it is to have an experience of past life regression! I look forward to upcoming sessions with her!

Graham G. 3/20/20